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“The art of a people is a true mirror to their minds”
– Jawaharlal Nehru


Children’s culture is multifarious and pluralistic, displaying layers of subcultures,. Schiller recognized that the arts contribute significantly to promoting children’s wellbeing. Symbolic self-expression through the arts allows Schillerites to express complex feelings and hybrid identities.

At SCHILLER’S Art mart studio, A team of art educators provides-
  • An overview of child wellbeing.
  • Arts in the western history.
  • Arts and play in child culture.
  • The spiritual benefits of the arts.

Art Attack Programme is meant for those students who are both talented and interested in art. It aims to develop well-rounded and well-informed art talents in a conducive environment that promotes creativity. Besides regular lessons, visits to art galleries and museums are also organised to expose Schillerites to the experience of art viewing and appreciation. Hands-on activities outside the classrooms are also arranged to broaden their authentic experiences as artists. Schillerites in the programme will develop intermediate level skills in craft types such as drawing, painting, illustration and photography, as well as gain literacy in print and designs. They will also learn about the history of western and tribal art.