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Every student has opportunities for leadership throughout the school year. Within each grade level, roles exist for leadership among peers, with students rotating through various positions to assist their teachers and classmates with the work and transitions of the daily routine. As students grow older, the leadership expectation grows and broadens, with Upper School students taking on daily jobs, including supervisory roles that contribute to the upkeep of the school. Children of all ages earn increasing levels of freedom and responsibility as they progress from one grade to the next.

Important Events/Awards in the School

  • FOUNDATION DAY (6 FEBRUARY) :- Foundation Day is a day etched with tradition and history. On this day we celebrate the birthday of Schiller School. On this day we are reminded of how the school was formed 38 years ago and we reflect on the very early days of the school and how far we have come as a school community.
  • INVESTITURE CEREMONY :- Investiture ceremony is to designate the office bearers with the badges and duties are assigned to them according to their posts. The student council takes the oath to fulfil their duties to the fullest of their capabilities thus abiding by the rules of the schools. The post of the office bearers are:
    1. Head Boy & Head Girl
    2. Class Monitors from Class I-XII
      • Senior House Captain – 04
      • Junior House Captain – 04
      • Senior House Vice Captain – 04
      • Junior House Vice Captian – 04
      • House Senior Sports Captain – 04
      • House Junior Sports Captain – 04
      • House Senior Sports Prefect – 04
      • House Junior Sports Prefect – 04
      • House Junior Sports Vice Captain – 04
      • Choir Group Trainers – 08
    3. Club Badges
      • Team Aesthetic – 06
      • Team Cultural – 07
      • Team Sports – 06
      • Team IT – 05
      • Team SRC – 10
      • Team Rhythmn – 05
  • SPARDHA – THE ANNUAL SPORTS MEET :- Spardha is the annual sports meet which is held every year. Various competitions are organized catering to different sports both at junior & senior level and best sport persons and winner of different events class wise are awarded. Best House trophy is also given and it is judged on different activities based on Creativity, Sports, Literary and cultural Activities conducted in the school throughout the year.
  • ANNUAL DAY/CARNIVAL :- 100% participation is ensured and the students exhibit their talents in the fields of art, music, dance and theatre. (Alumni, Overall School Topper and Subject Toppers of class X and XII, Young Achievers in different fields, Student of the Year, All-rounder trophy).
  • ANNUAL EXHIBITION (SCIENCE/SUBJECTIVE) / FETE :- This aims to display the talents of students in different fields such as art & craft, science, etc. apart from providing them the opportunity to build team spirit and leadership qualities.
  • FAREWELL :- Time flies away with a goodbye and showering good wishes to students of class XII every year, to mark the years as remembrance which students spend in school Farewell is given to them by the school and XI class. Some students are recognised with these awards – Scholar, 100% attendance, Most disciplined, ,Initiator, English Orator, well Groomed , bets in sports, Ms. Schiller, Mr. Schiller and all-rounder.
  • EXCELLENCE AWARD CEREMONY :- Excellence award ceremony is to honor the students who have excelled in their class for the Academic Session. Students will be rewarded SCHOLAR BADGES AND CERTIFICATES.