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Sanskar Shala

Sanskar is a ritual that should be performed on the day of the admission of a child at Schiller. Sanskars make the mind-set of a student in a specific type. As per the science of psychology, there is a strong relationship between the mind-set and the goal to be achieved. Sanskars are performed to be get an intelligent and righteous student with good moral values. It makes Schillerites prosperous. They becomes a recipient of Divine knowledge at some point of their life. Regular sessions of Sanskar Shala focus on Schillerites overall progress of mankind. Complete spiritual evolution resulting from the benefits the student life. They gain all-round prosperity and able to lead a courageous and happy life and also contribute to the spiritual evolution of the society. This would lead to strengthening of the society, which in turn would contribute to the prosperity of the Nation. Educators continue this process to unhindered in the society, the society in turn would help every individual become worthy. With a view to give fillip to continuation of this process. Karma, meditation, life, soul, parents, money are some important topic on which Schiller aims to make every Schillerite special.


The diferrence of era, age, thoughts, vision and most importantly lifestyle creates a perception through which a child judge others. Yugantar is an effort werein, we educate children how to make the best use of older people’s skills, knowledge and experience. Intergenerational work is a great way to break down barriers between groups of people. For young people to appreciate the experiences and skills of older people and vice versa so that we foster greater understanding between groups of people. Older people have a wealth of skills and experiences, they have lived through situations others cannot even imagine. Relationships with old age people is important, at Schiller we explore the deeper capacity for caring andsharing and for developing more relationships.