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Students Workshop

Schiller conduct various workshops which provide Schillerites step by step strategies to improve their physical & psychological traits with bestest lifeskill attributes .Workshops are offered throughout the session. 

Schiller’s goal is to give Schillerites a new perspective on choosing kindness. Workshop’s experiences giving students the chance to immerse themselves in the environment. These workshops provide engaging presentations for students to help combat bullying and enhance empathy in and outside of school.

Schiller conduct workshops on various topics viz- Study & Time management skills, Traffic & Road safety awareness, Reading with proper phonetics, First aid, Fire safety , Military power ,Good & Bad touch and organizational skills ; to suit the developmental age of our students. Counsellors and experienced educators use their own stories to convey the importance of kindness and inclusion.

Some attributes on which workshops are based-

Rejection Vs Confirmation

Students are fascinated to see  and learn about “every face deserves a place.” Students learn how they can take a negative experience to generate positive change in their world.

Career Exploration

Students are not able to decide their career path. They Don’t know what major they have to choose? Through workshops and FLY-HIGH-PROGRAMES we discover the right path to take, along with learning more about their specific major.

Communication Skills for Success

Students face difficulty in expressing there ideas to others?  Through sessions and workshops we teach them how to overcome barriers to communication?  These workshops will provide them some ideas on how to become a better communicator and listener.

Success Strategies

Students of every age group are looking for ways to be successful. These workshops will give them some ideas on what they can do now to achieve success.  Topics will include note taking skills, listening skills, developing a reading strategy, test preparation tips, time management tips, and personal well-being information also.

Learning Discovery

At schiller we teach students that every child is unique. When they understand the way they learn, they will become a more effective student.  Through such workshops we help them to discover if they are an auditory, kinesthetic, or visual learner, we will provide them some learning- study tips related to their specific learning style to help them in becoming a successful Schillerite .

Assignments Preparation Strategies

It is very necessary to be a good writer and observer during classroom lectures, If students are having trouble in taking notes in a particular class or If ant student feels that their notes are too confusing….. These workshops will provide them some ideas on how to take more effective notes that will help them to learn and retain information.

Brain Teaser Activities

Schiller believes in helping children to improve their executive function by building some working memory boosters into daily life. Our Educators Work on visualization skills. If children are having trouble recalling information from lectures, readings, or notes?  These workshops will provide them with some skills on how to improve memory in order to help them to be more successful in studies. These workshops will go over some ideas on how to get more out of their reading assignments. They will learn some techniques to do before start reading which will help in understanding of the material. They can also learn techniques to help recall the information they have read.

Fast & Smart Chatter Box

These workshop Introduces Schillerites to basic principles of speed reading and tricks for improving reading rate. Shares pre-reading strategies specific to lectures in classrooms.

Mission Exam

Schiller provides some test-taking hints so students can do well on that next exam or the final. Our educators will go over some strategies to help students with true/false, multiple choice, and essay exams. We help out our students through various counselling sessions if they feel stressed at the thought of an upcoming exam.We teach them some techniques to help them to stay calm and confident. They will also learn some exam-taking strategies which will help them better preparation of their exams.

Stress & Anger Management

Children are due to their inexperience they don't have the experience or self-control to know how to deal with anger & stress. These workshops will provide you with information on how to keep their stress levels down and stay positive.

Time Management

Learning time management should be fun for students, Schiller help them out by these workshops and tell them how they're supposed to be completing a task. If they have too much to do and not enough time to complete everything,these workshop will help them to managing time by using various tools and time organization strategies.