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Friedrich Schiller

The German dramatist, poet, and historian Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller ranks as one of the greatest of German literary figures. He was a founder of modern German literature. Friedrich von Schiller was born at Marbach, Wurttemberg, on Nov. 10, 1759. His first play, Die Rauber, was published in 1781. It ranks as one of the literary monuments of the German Sturm und Drang period. Keeping the goal of education over and above everything we have named the school `Schiller’ after Friedrich Schiller, the renowned German educationist. This should not lead one to misconstrue that there is a dearth of Indian educationists or that the names of Indian educationists are uninspiring to us.

Mission & Vision

Our primary objective is to facilitate the all-round development of all children in a safe and nurturing environment, enabling every child to develop into a well-adjusted, confident ,free-thinking global citizen.

Malgudi Days

“REMINISCING THE GOLDEN ERA – Memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming – every picture tells a story”.

Core Values


Sanskar is a ritual that should be performed on the day of the admission of a child at Schiller..Sanskars make the mind-set of a student in a specific type. As per the science of psychology, there is a strong relationship between the mind-set and the goal to be achieved. Sanskars are performed to be get an intelligent and righteous student with good moral values. It makes Schillerites prosperous.