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Why Join Schiller?

Your new career at Schiller is waiting. Are you ready?

SCHILLER is a dynamic, vibrant workplace where staff are highly valued and respected for the gifts and talents they bring to our school community. Staff are given many opportunities for professional learning and career development, and are well supported when undertaking new learning experiences and acquiring new skills.

At SCHILLER you can be part of a great team of professionals who work hard every day to create a world-class school. Working at SCHILLER is a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all because we treat everyone as part of the family.

With our superior facilities and resources, you will find an environment where you can succeed professionally and personally. SCHILLER provides something for everyone including the opportunity for Indian cultural immersion. At SCHILLER you will experience the highest levels of support within our professional learning community. Our guiding principles of trust, empathy, professionalism and fun allow everyone to thrive in their own way as part of the SCHILLER family. Please contact us to learn more about how you can become part of our dynamic team.

Welcome to Schiller; it's where you belong!

We are a community of talented, passionate educators and motivated staff. We encourage inquiry, problem solving and creativity in our students. We are always interested to hear from likeminded professionals. If our approach to learning appeals to you, please get in touch with us via admin4@schillerschool.org The work environment at SCHILLER is grounded in mutual respect, transparency, trust and the opportunity for professional development. We believe in investing in our people, both our students and our educators.

For assurance of a safe learning environment for our students, SCHILLER recruiters and our Human Resources Office conduct thorough reference and background checks on candidates before making a job offer. Applicants must provide at least 3 references. At least TWO of these must be a former or current supervisor, both of whom the School must be able to contact either face to face or through a phone call. All employees are required to provide clear background/criminal checks. New hires must provide a recent background check from both their home town and current work location. The school reserves the right to request criminal record checks from other cities in which the candidate has lived or worked for more than 6 months. All SCHILLER’S personnel, including subs, interns, coaches, must undergo Child Protection awareness training including periodical updates and information sessions., the SCHILLER Code of Conduct outlining standards and expectations of the school’s Child Protection Policy and procedures for reporting and following up on suspected abuse.