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Case Study

Yashvi Bansal (Class – XII Com)

“According to her parents, in her previous school she was a child who was least interested in studies. She was even being demoralised which was becoming a hinderance in her development, but when she joined Schiller School, slowly and gradually positive development could be seen in her behavior, approach and studies. From being a least interested girl, she has now become a student who takes keen interest in attending school, in class participation and even in her studies. A continuous motivation by the teachers is giving her a confidence to dream big.”

Suhani Goel (Class – IX)

“According to her mother, she was an introvert and reserved girl, in her previous school. She hardly participated in any of her class activities but as soon as she joined Schiller School, her parents found her being quite cheerful. She started participating enthusiastically in her class activities. Her mother says that the school environment and the teachers to a large extent are responsible for the unexpected change or transformation in her.”

Arshiya Solanki (Class – VIII)

“Arshiya Solanki, who joined Schiller School this year was a girl who hardly showed any interest in any of her subject. But now she is showing a stable improvement in almost all her subjects. She is now taking a keen interest in attending the school. She has even started taking initiatives in all her scholastic and co-scholastic activities and has become a more responsible student. Her parents are quite satisfied with the improvement she is showing.”

Hritik Chitkara

Hello friends, I am Hritik Chitkara who was known as a weak student and who hardly participated in any curricular activity. My tag of a weak student got changed into “I can do student” with the continuous efforts of my teachers specially Pankaj Sir and Anuj Sir who taught me tirelessly not only during day time but also nights due to which I was able to pass my board exams.

Dear juniors “A word of advice” that interaction and positive participation is important for transformation which happened with me, when I started interacting with everyone and even joined the school trip to Jim Corbett National Park, that trip changed me to as extracvert and I started approaching all my classmates for all sorts of help in academics. I even studied fruitfully in class groups as well and the result was that I cleared my board exam easily.

Atul Gautam

I Atul Gautam, want to share my views to all my juniors and it starts with a quote that “positive efforts with perseverance leads one to success”. During the initial phase, I was a student who was very introvert and least concert about the studies. I use to feel defeated and hopeless even before trying the questions.

Now about the turning point in my life, that is, when I started receiving course lings from not only my parents but also from my subject teachers which boost up my morale and started taking initiatives by join the extra class which gave me result which I wanted. My special thanks to honorable “Chairman Sir” for not only guiding me but also appreciating me by giving a moment of “Yes I can do it”, which was enough to encourage a student like me to come out with flying colors.