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Growing Technology: Robotics

The powerful combination of robotics and artificial intelligence or machine learning is opening the door to entirely new automation possibilities.

Currently, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being applied in limited ways and enhancing the capabilities of robotics systems. We have yet to reach the full potential of robotics and machine learning, but current applications are promising.

Let us talk about the Sophia, Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong based company Hanson robotics. Sophia has been covered by media around the globe and has participated in many high profile interviews. In October 2017, Sophia, the robot became the first robot to receive citizenship of any country not only this Sophia was named the United Nation Development Program first ever innovation championship, and the first non-human to be given any United Nation title.

Sophia uses artificial intelligence, Visual Data Processing, and facial recognization. Sophia also imitates human gestures and facial expressions and is able to answer certain questions and to make simple conversation on predefined topics. Sophia uses voice recognization technology from Alphabet Inc.(parent company of Google) and is designed to get smarter over time. Therefore, I can say that robots are built to do job hazardous to a people such as defusing bombs, finding survivors in unstable ruins, and exploring mines and shipwrecks. Robots are also used in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as a teaching aid. As the technology has no end, I would like to request our future technologist i.e our students to adopt the technology in the environmental friendly manner without harming our planet earth.

By: Shivanki Arora

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