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Teaching student how to count is fine, but teaching what actually counts is best.

I as a chemistry teacher educate the young mind, nurture their thought process. I feel privileged to be in the noblest profession that is very important and complex at the same time. My class holds the future leaders, writers, engineers, doctors and might be the prime minister of our country and with this enthusiasm that they all will achieve the aim, I need to be creative, need to do experiments, and to explore new approaches for teaching and above all I need to have a never dying optimism for the toppers or for ‘I can do students’ and to achieve this, educator need not be harsh, or strict, he can be a friendly figure in their lives or can a patient figure who can handle their personal issues or can guide them career-wise.

Each and every student has the talent it must not be in academics always it can be in various fields, but some parents don’t allow them to pursue their dreams sometimes. Although they are right somewhere as the probability of being a singer, the cricketer is less and academics is the only thing which will not go in vain but at the same time they need to support them to peruse their dream along with academics and as a teacher it’s our keen responsibility to identify their hidden talent, and to make student and their parents aware about the students uniqueness. What is required is that students must be given liberty so that whatever they persue, they work very hard and can stand tall among their competitions with a smile on their face saying   ‘I have chosen it for myself”.

Pankaj Butola
PGT, Chemistry

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