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Ajay Gupta


(B.E-Electrical - Delhi College of Engineering, M.B.A - Institute of Management & Technology)

At Schiller, Education is a way of life our students approach the school as the facilitator and incubator to a lifelong process of learning. We believe that the fallacious distinction between classroom education and “real-life ” experiences has created a lacuna in the education of the youth education is mistakenly viewed as an Institution separate from real life.

On the other hand, we view education as an integral part of life itself and not merely as preparation for life. Everything at Schiller is designed around this holistic approach to education; from our educational pedagogy focused on experiential learning to the open-plan architecture that fosters education.

Schiller, therefore, serves as the birthplace of a lifelong love for learning and knowledge that goes beyond the time Schillerites spend here.

This view of education as a way of life enables Schillerites and Educators to continuously enrich themselves while also equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

This educational pedagogy, closely related to experiential learning, takes a holistic view of our students such that their development in the classroom is not disparate from their emotional, moral, interpersonal and social development. In order for Schillerittes to become leaders, they need an education that does not end in the classroom but rather begins there.
Even in terms of their classroom experiences, Schillerites learn better when they are able to use their visual, aural, spatial or auditory senses to perceive what they are learning.In order to create leaders for our community and our Nation, we have to engage and develop our students by using each one of these learning methods.

This commitment to empowering Schillerites and educators as leaders of our community is widely reflected by the actions of our school, from our Teacher Training Programs to our state of the art classrooms, from our participation in International competitions to our Innovative curriculum.

Schiller is therefore the incubator of leaders with a universal outlook and a lifelong passion for learning.

  • Key of Collaboration: Set up professional-development systems to encourage teachers specializing in general education to find common strategies.
  • Spend Time in Classrooms: Respect is earned, but trust is given. To have both, you must be in the classroom watching real instruction regularly.
  • Build Learning Environments: Without highly engaging learning environments based on child development and brain research, it will be difficult to close the achievement gaps so evident at Schiller.

“Team building, Education culture, Career challenges, are all presented through a lens of vast experience, combined with a vision of a spiritual approach towards the future of Schillerites” ……