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Orientation Kit

Information helps to reduce stress due to uncertainty and fosters of an active problem solving style. For an important life skill successful orientation programs provide learning experiences that help students to understand and make adaptations to change.

The learning outcomes derived from the goals and objectives are-

  • Students will be introduced to school’s policies and procedures that will support their educational and personal goals.
  • Students will understand the purpose of academic assessment and course selection.

ERP Login Steps

Education Resource Planning Schiller-ERP is a web based system that enables parents to access student’s information and continual progress in real time. Parents can access students and school related activities on the web using a secured login provided to them. It is a programme that integrates all data and processes of the school into a single unified system. It is a complete school management and effective resource planning tool. School ERP is the link between everyday school life of students and his/her growth.

QS App Steps

Mobile App for busy high-tech parents’ school has started mobile app service. With this you can access ERP on your mobile only.

For any query regarding Mobile App or ERP, please contact class teacher.

Happy Parents Feedback

With an innovative approach and creative teaching methodology, SCHILLER SR SEC SCHOOL RAJNAGAR GHAZIABAD strives for the best. The School gives various opportunities to its students to explore themselves and enhance their creative quotient.

– Harshita Joseph

Workshops & Training

While our curriculum covers all the essentials—reading, math, science, history, arts, and humanities—it also provides opportunities for a wide range of experiences, from trying various forms of visual and performing arts (such as mural painting, above) to taking overnight camping trips. The Well’s approach by educators encourages every student to try everything, but also allows children to dive deep into areas of personal interest. Through various workshops our educator’s team learn that trying something new doesn’t necessarily mean they ultimately have to be good at it, but that exploration is key to discovering strengths and addressing weaknesses, as well as broadening horizons.