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Curriculum & Policies

Education is constantly changing the way students learn and how instructors teach. Technology is often the driving force behind many of the world’s changes and innovations. In education, creating an e-learning culture is more about developing and tweaking what already exists, sharing a common vision, and doing things a little differently. E-learning refers to learning and teaching using electronic media and requires the use of information and communication technologies combined with electronic media.

Houses & Clubs

Each house has a House In-charge to guide the students and to foster a spirit of leadership, Captain, cooperation, mutual understanding, tolerance and self-reliance. Various Inter House activities are organized to build up team spirit. Besides this, the students are initiated into community service and social work. The House system begins at the primary level and is carefully monitored at every stage and the details are recorded at every step. The House Captain and Vice House Captain act as a link in the Schiller system acting as friends, philosophers and guides. The Best House is awarded by Winner Trophy named Smt. Santosh Mittal Trophy.


Our alumni play a vital role in the life blood of our community and are important role models for current and future generations of Schiller. We encourage our alumni to stay connected with Schiller. Our alumni’s are not only a proud example of Schiller’s successful legacy, but also a role model for students.

Counselling & College Prep

Counseling is a resource for students who seek some resolution to personal difficulties they might encounter during the school year. Though students will often explore their concerns in conversations with advisers, teachers or coaches they may prefer to talk with a professional counselor. Schillers counseling Department, works closely with the Health Center staff. In addition to the day-to-day faculty support that students receive at School, Schiller has dedicated counselors and learning specialists to aid students in both learning differences and emotional needs.This also affords schillerites the opportunity to explore advanced work by enhancing the differentiation already offered in classrooms in every division.

Socialization & Community Service

Schiller has a history of being a community school, and character and the desire to lead develop best through action. Schillerites develop empathy, understanding, and compassion for others through daily interactions as well as volunteering and service to the community. Schiller intends that serving the community will become a way of life for Schillerites. Schiller’s Core Values (Sanskarshala & Yugantar) reflects Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Service to Others, espouse the importance of community outreach and support. Community Service options reflect long-established service relationships in the region, as well as on-campus assignments. As they work, students gain an awareness of the world outside the classroom. They also begin to recognize their individual skills and talents, and see how those talents can have a positive impact on those around them.

Awards & Recognition

Every student has opportunities for leadership throughout the school year. Within each grade level, roles exist for leadership among peers, with students rotating through various positions to assist their teachers and classmates with the work and transitions of the daily routine. As students grow older, the leadership expectation grows and broadens, with Upper School students taking on daily jobs, including supervisory roles, that contribute to the upkeep of the school. Children of all ages earn increasing levels of freedom and responsibility as they progress from one grade to the next.

Rapid Action Classes

Rapid action classes are meant to raise the Academic score of those students who could be a maximum scorer. The aim of remedial classes is to provide learning support to pupils who lag far behind their counterparts in school performance. We at Schiller provide intensive remedial support to help students consolidate their basic knowledge in different subjects which ultimately leads in enhancing their confidence resulting in a fair gain in their Academic performance.


Morning Sports Academy

Schiller runs multi-sports clubs which are for children who shows an interest in lots of different sports. MORNING SPORTS ACADEMY aim to give children a good enough insight into a particular sport, gain key skills to make them more competent when playing it and to expose children to sports they may not normally get the opportunity to explore.

Workshops & Training

Schiller conduct various workshops which provide Schillerites step by step strategies to improve their physical & psychological traits with bestest lifeskill attributes. Workshops are offered throughout the session. 

Schiller’s goal is to give Schillerites a new perspective on choosing kindness. Workshop’s experiences giving students the chance to immerse themselves in the environment. These workshops provide engaging presentations for students to help combat bullying and enhance empathy in and outside of school.