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“There are literally hundreds of ways to get to Schiller”

School buses play an important role at Schiller’s education system each day by transporting kids to and from SCHILLER. Safety is a core value and a way of life for all of our students. Safety has always been at the heart of everything we do.

The distinct feature of Schiller’s bus route system is that each bus is boarded and deboarded from within the school campus under strict supervision. Our Buses are supported with a Guard, a Helper and a Teacher / Nanny. For security and safety each bus is equipped with a First Aid box and a mobile phone. Attendance of children boarding the buses is taken both; in the morning and afternoon. Bus monitors record every student boarding and exit.

We know the most important role play each day is providing children with the safest school day. Keeping children safe on the school bus is not only the role of the bus driver, but also the role of the students .Schiller safety culture is promoted through the training, Workshops , best practices and daily touchpoints. Among the topics on which we focus:

  • Extensive training, rigorous background checks and substance screenings of all drivers.
  • Age-appropriate conduct expectations for students and positive behavioral-specific reinforcement for safe, appropriate bus behavior.
  • GPS devices of all bus to monitor driver performance for speeding or excessive idling, and effectively respond to parent/guardian concerns.

Parents are able to track their child’s bus location with our customized app. But perhaps most impressively, in addition to safely making over 100 stops across the city each day, Our buses also serve as communities unto themselves. Obviously, this includes the drivers. School buses are available with GPS facility.

Distance from various places

Raj Nagar Extension10 Minutes
Golf Link NH 2415 Minutes
Cross Replublic25 Minutes
Rajendra Nagar, Sahibabad30 Minutes
Noida Extension30 Minutes


Route Incharge: Sandeep
Assistant Incharge: Surbhi
Driver: Amit Kumar
Lady Guard: Jyoti
Helpline No: 7065039931

  • Muradnagar
  • Duhai
  • IAMR
  • Moti Residency
  • Garhi
  • Sikrod
  • Sanjay Nagar


Route Incharge: Prakrati
Assistant Incharge: Sakshi Nain
Driver: Dinesh
Lady Guard: Anita
Helpline No: 7065039932

  • Pratap Vihar
  • New Bus Stand
  • Old Bus Stand
  • Ahinsakhand – II
  • Niitikhand
  • Nayakhand
  • MMG
  • Raj Nagar Sector-14


Route Incharge: Anu
Assistant Incharge: Priyanka
Driver: Harish Chand
Lady Guard: Kamini
Helpline No: 7065039933

  • Crossing Republik
  • Gagan Enclave
  • Panchwati
  • Model Town
  • Nehru Nagar
  • Ashok Nagar
  • Gandhi Nagar
  • Ram Nagar
  • Kavi Nagar
  • Vivekanand Nagar
  • Raj Nagar Near Shivam
  • Kalka Gari


Route Incharge: Preeti Ch-2
Assistant Incharge: Vanjul
Driver: Suraj Kumar
Lady Guard: Suri Devi
Helpline No: 7065039934

  • Arya Nagar
  • Meerut Road
  • Sihani Gate
  • Nand Gram
  • Himalaya
  • Star Rameshwaram
  • KDP
  • Ajnara Integrity Gate – I
  • Signature Homes
  • S.G. Impression
  • VVIP


Route Incharge: Madhu Tyagi
Assistant Incharge: Yasha Gupta
Driver: Kapil
Lady Guard: Seema
Helpline No: 7065039935

  • Duhai
  • IMAR
  • Moti Residency
  • Garhi Road
  • Sikh Road
  • Super Village
  • Gulmohar
  • KW Shristi
  • VVIP
  • Fortune
  • Sector-8 Rajnagar


Route Incharge: Daya Yadav
Assistant Incharge: Neeraj
Driver: Brahm Singh
Lady Guard: Aneeta II
Helpline No: 7065039936

  • Sastri Nagar
  • Chiranjeev Vihar
  • Pratap Nagar
  • Govindpuram
  • Inder Garhi
  • Swarn Jyantipuram
  • Govindpuram (Bapudham)
  • Durga Enclave
  • Sanjay Nagar


Route Incharge: Vishakha Singh
Assistant Incharge: Sandeep
Driver: Mohd. Arif
Lady Guard: Irin
Helpline No: 7065039937

  • River Heights
  • Ajnara Grace
  • Bal Mukund
  • S.C.C Sapphire
  • Maya Marble
  • Uni Nav Society
  • Savy Ville-De
  • Ajnara Integrity Gate – II
  • Officer City
  • Aashiyanah
  • Classic Residency
  • Milan Earth
  • Gaur Cascade
  • Charams Castle


Route Incharge: Gurpreet
Assistant Incharge: Pooja Asopa
Teacher: Pooja Asopa
Driver: Mukesh Tyagi
Lady Guard: Kamini
Helpline No: 7065039931

  • Moti Residency
  • Rajnagat Ext
  • Govindpuram
  • IMR College
  • Sanjay Nagar


Route Incharge: Nutan
Assistant Incharge: Jasmeet
Teacher: Gurwinder & Nutan
Driver: Dinesh
Lady Guard: Saroj
Helpline No: 7065039932

  • Mansarovar Park
  • Lal Kuan
  • Shah Ji Dairy
  • New Panchwati
  • Model Town
  • Maliwara Chowk
  • Lohia Nagar


Route Incharge: Preeti Ch-1
Assistant Incharge: Reshu
Teacher: Jasmeet
Driver: Jai Prakash
Lady Guard: Kanta
Helpline No: 7065039933

  • Sikrod
  • Star Maheshwaram
  • River Heights
  • Milan Earth
  • Officers Residency
  • Grand Savana
  • Ajnara Integrity
  • Gaur Cascades
  • Charms Castle
  • SG Impressions